Our bodies are exposed to environmental hazards and toxin from many things such as food (preservatives, MSG, dyes), alcohol, and smoking. Furthermore hazardous chemicals, cosmetics (mercury) and air pollution also have contribution. Detox is a method or process of removing toxins from your body.


  • To stimulate the immune system to work effectively
  • Cleanse toxins from the body , such as blood vessels , liver , colon , kidneys , lungs and lymphatic system .
  • Help you to get the ideal body weight for burning fat and remove toxins from the fat .
  • Increase vitality , stamina , endurance , and also to cure chronic diseases .
  • Anti aging properties.


  • Multivitamin with proper dose of antioxidant and electrolytes infused in normal saline solution
  • A glass of our ‘special blend’ to boost your energy and stamina.
  • Hangover ‘tablet’ according to indication.

Our medicine are all proven and registered according to the International Law of Food and Medicine Registration